Cheating in Poker

There are different forms of cheating in poker. These cheating methods in poker may involve the use of cards, the money itself, or the betting process. Here is how.

Cheating by the use of poker cards is done by many ways. First is the switching of cards. Usually, this is done by the more skilled poker players because this is difficult to do. Next form of card-cheating is by marking of the cards. The cards were especially marked so that one or more particular poker players in the game can distinguish one card from another, face down.

Another form of cheating by the cards is when the dealer uses bottom dealing purposely to give better cards to a particular poker player.

In poker, there are others who cheat directly with the money. They can do this by purposely taking more change than a poker player should have from the pot. This is hard to spot, and even if you spot them, cheaters can just say that they've committed an honest mistake. This type of cheating is very hard to expose and prove. Especially when this is done in games among friends, honest poker players would be shy to correct their friends. They would not want to embarrass them, and in return, they would not want to be embarrassed when they are proven wrong.

Cheating by means of betting is also common in poker. There are poker players who would collude with each other and would secretly notify each other what their moves should be. Poker should be a game of individual poker player against other individuals, therefore, teaming up secretly with another poker player is strictly prohibited and unfair.

Another form of cheating by betting is when a player slams his ir her chips against the pot. Cheaters do this so that other poker players would not be able to see how much chips he or she has put to the pot.

However, there is a very thin line between deception and cheating in poker. Deception is done when you make use of the advantage that is available to all. It is the other poker players' fault if they do not use this advantage.

Cheating is done when an advantage is only available to one or some of the poker players at the table. A poke player deceives others by remembering the accidental patterns on cards, those which everybody can notice, while a poker player cheats when he or she is the only one who knows or even created the special markings on the deck.